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Get E-mails from the League

04/06/2011, 2:46pm CDT
By Admin

Why you may not be getting e-mails

We have been taking some calls inquiring why I have been taken off the e-mail list.  If you opted not to complete your registration online this year, you may fall into this category.  The League entered all in person registrations and sent invitation e-mails out to parents to claim each player's profile.  Unfortunately, not everyone responded to our e-mails.  In order to receive e-mails from the League office, you must claim a player profile which means you must create an account with us.  By April 15th, the League will once again send out e-mail invitations for those remaining parents to claim their player('s) registration profile. 

You may ask why an account is necessary.  An account will be critical for getting League correspondence via e-mail as well as there will be other registration sessions, surveys, etc. that will require the use of your account information. 

If you don't know if you have an account, please e-mail us.  Also, if by chance you read this and know you don't have account, please e-mail us with the e-mail address you would like us to send your invitation. 

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