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Field Maintenance Improvements Fund

Field Maintenance/Improvement Fund

Since 2009 we have used our Field Maintenance/Improvement Fund to pay for improvements to our baseball fields, with our financing coming from fundraisers.

After receiving feedback from our league members about their feelings toward participating in fundraisers, we have instituted a new funding program.

We will be charging every family a $30 contribution to the Field Maintenance / Improvement Fund.

In return, each family will receive a coupon booklet good for $22 in concession stand savings.  These coupons will not require additional purchases and will include items such as Hamburger and Cheeseburger Homeplate Specials, along with two Hot Dog Homeplate Specials (which include a bag of chips and soda), among other items that can be redeemed all season long at any of our Little League concession stands at Lexington Memorial or Carl Eck Parks.

Through this effort, we strive to maintain and improve our parks a little bit every year while keeping our registration fees the same, or minimally increased year to year.

2016 - Improved Lexington infields and repaired Carl Eck batting cages

For the 2016 season, we added more aglime to fields 1, 2 & 3.  Aglime is a soil additive made from pulverized limestone.  This is preferred on baseball fields for its ability to absorb water and dry out quickly.  Aglime also provides a uniform hardness so grounders and ball bounces act more consistently.

We also repaired the batting cages at Carl Eck park by replacing damaged fencing and improving the ground inside the fences.

2015 - Lexington Fencing and Concessions Stand

For the 2015 season, we installed new, thicker gauge fencing at all three fields in the backstop area.  The backstops were starting to let wild pitches get through into the bleachers.

All three fenced-in fields received new fence capping.

Finally, we upgraded our concessions stand with all-stainless steel sinks and tables which included new plumbing.

2014 - Sunrise Park

Our 2014 Sunrise Park project is complete with all new outfield fencing and out of play fencing 6' high.  The outfield distance is now at 225 ft on Sunrise #4 and and 210 ft on Sunrise #3.  The dugouts now have two entrances to the field, making them much more game friendly.  In partnership with the city of Lino Lakes, they also expanded the dugouts with a larger concrete pad.  In preparation for future improvements, the dugout fencing has taller posts to accomodate dugout roofing in the future.

2013 - Lexington Memorial Park

Lexington Memorial Park was where we spent out Field Improvement Fund in 2013.  We upgraded all three fields by completely leveling the infields.

2012 - Lions Field

In 2012 we completed the new outfield wall at Lions Field, which also included the new pavilion, bullpen area and sodded family area between both ballfields and the outfield of center and right field.  This was one of our most significant improvements we have ever taken on. 

2011 - Lexington Memorial Park / LaMotte Park

Upgrades in 2011 included a third scoreboard at Lexington Memorial Park on field #1.  We also installed new red rock ag-lime on all three fields which makes for an excellent playing surface.  The concession stand and bathrooms have a new look with a new paint job and epoxy floor.  Another huge improvement was done at LaMotte Park at field #1 with a new grass infield and raised pitching mound, new outfield fences, new protective fences and operation of an electronic scoreboard.  Lastly, we installed new energy efficient lights in our workout facility making it a much brighter and safer environment for the kids.

2010 - Lexington Memorial Park

We again upgraded Lexington Memorial Park with two new scoreboards on fields #2 and #3.  They add a lot to the appearance of the ballpark.  Furthermore, we put new roofs on the two dugouts on Lions field at Carl Eck Park.  We also improved the infield sod on Lions field making it a much safer surface.

2009 - Lexington Memorial Park

In 2009 we upgraded Lexington Memorial Park with new safety fence caps on all of the fencing at each field in the park.  Furthermore, new concrete dugout floors, painted concession stands and dugouts, and new picnic tables will make the park more family friendly.  Moreover, we have added new netting in the batting cages at Carl Eck Park to make it safer while inside.  We have also added an extra batting cage at the workout facility which will allow two batting cages to be available for players during winter workouts.

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