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Grievance Procedure

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Centennial Lakes Little League (CLLL) acknowledges that not every game, practice or other event will go on without issues.  This grievance policy has been created to deal with these issues.

Please note, the League Administrator is NOT the arbitrator of most issues presented to the league.  Anne Thomas will most likely ask you to submit your feedback, complaint or compliment through the submission process outlined below.  Please read this policy completely to fully understand how it works.  The League Administrator does not make policy, nor do they solve policy shortcomings.  This task is accomplished by the league president, the league board members and/or league representatives.

As with most youth sports, CLLL works with a "24 Hour Rule" in which we request that prior to filing a grievance with the online form below, the person considering filing the grievance wait 24 hours from the time of the event or activity in question occurs.  CLLL reserves the right to disregard any grievance filed through this forum in less than 24 hours after the event or activity occurred.

CLLL requests that you consider approaching your grievance on an individual basis with the person or people involved.  We recommend you consider a face to face discussion with patience and professionalism.  If not in person, we recommend at least a phone call to express your concerns and/or objections.

If a solution or satisfaction is not reached, we recommend you next contact your league level representative as they are versed in the particular rules and issues related to the level of play they represent.

In the event that a solution or satisfaction is still not reached we have developed the online grievance form shown below.  The grievance will be immediately emailed to the CLLL President.  The president will review the grievance and determine whether to schedule a private Action Review Meeting with all available parties and applicable CLLL Board of Directors within five business days of receiving the online grievance however, while not trying to minimize any specific grievance, not everything warrants the attention of the Board of Directors.

The Board will hear descriptions and arguments of both sides and render a decision and solution.

It is recommended the complaint include all parties involved, references to dates and times, and any witnesses to the event or actions described.

It is the policy of CLLL not to reprimand or discriminate against any party simply for filing a grievance through the forum described here.  In addition, any party described or included in any grievance in this forum will be afforded the same policy. 

It is important that all parties understand when a grievance is filed, it is possible that one or both parties will not be satisfied with the results of the board's decision.

If possible, the Board of Directors will provide a verbal decision at the completion of the Action Review Meeting and a written decision to be delivered within five business days of the completion of the final meeting with all parties.  Typically, results of the grievance filing and Action Review Meeting will NOT be published on the CLLL website.

There is no appeal and the decision by the Board is final.  If you are unsatisfied with the Board's decision you may bring your issue to the attention of the District 2 Administrator.

Centennial Lakes Little League appreciates your interest of improving the league through feedback via this process. 

Online Grievance Form

Note that the grievance form below takes your feedback via a registration process.  There is no cart or payment options as when you register for regular league play.  Thank you for your feedback.

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