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League Boundaries

Waiver For Residency Outside Boundary Map

CLLL has designated boundaries all players must reside within in order to play in post-season all-star play.  The residency map is shown below.  Anyone residing outisde our district and wishing to participate in post-season all-star play must complete a waiver ("Waiver Form - out of league area".).  It is the responsibility of the player and the player's guardian to complete the waiver and deliver to the league office by March 1st for the 2015 season.

Waiver For Residency Outside Boundary Map - previously played in our league

Little League provides waivers to those that played in our league previously and moved out of our residency area.  Please print this form ("Waiver Form - Moved out of area") and complete only the DIVISION and PLAYERS NAME sections.  It is your responsibility to provide this completed form to the Little League office located at 4175 Lovell Road Suite 330, Lexington, MN 55014.  We have a drop-box available outside our main entrance for after hours.  This form must be completed and returned by March 1st. Once completed this form will remain on file and will not be needed in consecutive seasons.

Centennial Lakes Little League Residency Map

Centennial Lakes Little League Boundary Map

Centennial Lakes Little League Boundary Map

Description of Centennial Lakes Little League Boundaries

  • Starting as a NorthEastern-most point of the map at the intersection of the Anoka County border and Hwy 97, east of Interstate 35W.
  • Continue south along Anoka county border to the intersection of Rehbein St (if Rehbein St extended East) and the Anoka County border.
  • Continue West along Rehbein to 20th Ave.
  • Continue south along 20th Ave and follow the Centennial School District Boundary map to the southern border along County Rd J.
  • Continue following Centennial School District Boundary North along the Western boundary to Lexington Ave and 121st Ave NE (if 121st Ave NE extended West to Lexington.)  From here no longer follow the Centennial School District Boundary.
  • Continue North along Lexington to 155th Ave NE however the boundary includes the area just south of 155th where Lexington would intersect 155th Ave NE if it continued STRAIGHT NORTH to 155th Ave NE.
  • Continue East to the starting point along what would be 155th Ave NE, if 155th Ave NE continued DUE EAST.